Don’t Let your Curls Fall Flat this Fall

Fall opens a whole new door of curly hair inspiration so step right in and try these curly styles!

Blunt Bangs

From the Runway to the Hallways blunt bangs are everywhere this fall.  When twisted sisters hear the word bangs we instantly think, “No, I could never pull that off.”  Girls with curls can pull off this edgy hairstyle. The key with curls is to (again) play into your natural texture as Bella Thorne has done. Her bangs have a little wave and texture at the bottom, which plays into her natural look. Another option to make blunt bangs work with curls is to balance them out with volume throughout your hair like Zooey Deschanel.

Sleek n’ Chic

Summer was all about loose messy buns and top knots, fall is all about being sleek. Slicking curls back is easier than you might think.  Start with wet hair, add some Ri Ci Thirsty Gel to your hands as you pull and brush your hair back into the hair band, and once you’re done with your style finish it off with Ri Ci Memory Setting Spray for extra hold. The great thing about this look is there are endless options! You can slick your hair into a pony and then have your curls go wild; you can pull your hair into a high ballerina bun, or play with dramatic parts and accessories. This look is especially good for those second hair days.

Headbands are Here to Stay

All summer long we wore headbands and hair scarves as our go-to hair accessories. We loved the trend so much we’re carrying it over to fall! Fall headbands are all about sparkles and florals. We’ve had a lot of practice wearing headbands with our curls but just a quick refresher, you can wear it over your curls and across your forehead, you can wear them to push back your curls, or just add one to an up do for a little something special. Another huge fall hair trend is hair band turbans. These are basically circular hair scarves. The thing about these is as we get into the colder months you can find them in knits to keep you warm and stylish.

Keep checking our blogs for more curly hair info!


About Ask Ricky

Successful salon owner and stylist Ricky Pennisi, the founder of Ri Ci products, has specialized in curly hair since 1995. Ricky recognized the need to develop cutting techniques and products uniquely designed for his curly-haired clients.
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One Response to Don’t Let your Curls Fall Flat this Fall

  1. That blunt bang and curl combo on Zooey D. is to die for! Makes me want to cut my bangs asap!

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